The Ada Family

All the members of the Ada family ever recorded in England - and their descendants abroad - are here. Click on NAMES to find yours.

On This Day

We celebrate the life of Arthur Fletcher Ada who died one hundred years ago off Zeebrugge while tending to the wounded on board H.M.S. Phoebe. See Arthur Ada's biography here

Building the Ada Collection

So far the Ada Family has collected 23 documents, 133 pictures and 14 certificates related to the family. Go here to see the list of latest additions.

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Julia Sophia Grossmann

Augusto Sandino's mother
While in Managua, Julia befriended Margarita Calderón, an indigenous servant with the Sandino family and mother of Augusto Calderón Sandino. Both families' children were friends, which is why Augusto...

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Julia Sophia Bingham is the latest relative on the Ada website - thanks to Tim Richardson for this contribution.
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Bob Ada

Bob Ada is the latest Ada to join - welcome!